This project is a website built for my mother's horse and goat boarding business, Spirited Hooves: Horse and Goat Farm, LLC. This was one of the first websites that I built after I had graduated from the University of Northern Colorado, and the first version of the site was a simple static site built with HTML, CSS, and some JQuery. This version of the site can be viewed here. It was built with Vue, Vuetify for a component library, and deployed with Firebase. I decided to rebuild the site from the original version not only to improve my Vue skillset but also to help my mother's business grow a bit more and to help her gain some more exposure. With the site, the main structure was a single page app built with Vue and utilizing material design with the Vuetify component library. I also built a contact form that implemented Recaptcha in order to prevent spam messages from bots and to get my mom in contact with prospective clients. I then chose to deploy the site with Firebase because at the time it met my needs of being able to make changes and deploy the site quickly with the Firebase CLI, and I built this site prior to learning about Jamstack and other deployment tools like Netlify. The site overall was very simple and I actually have plans to rebuild the site again with potentially a static site generator like Gridsome or Gatsby and to hopefully add a bit more dynamic functionality and a more unique design to make it stand out a bit more from a material design site.

Last Updated

May 19, 2021