Editor + Terminal

  • I use iTerm2 as my current terminal styled with Starship, you can check out the settings I have for it here
  • VS Code for coding and development

Desktop Apps

  • BetterTouchTool is a great tool to customize the touch bar on MacBooks, I have a bunch of quick actions like volume control, play/pause, and check the weather
  • Figma for working with designs and design files
  • I use Alfred over apple spotlight as I find it much more accurate for opening the files and apps I need
  • I learned about this macro tool to enhance my note-taking experience with Obsidian called Espanso, you can check my dotfiles repo for the configurations I am using currently for it
  • I started using Obsidian recently for note-taking, organizing my thoughts, and as a daily planner. I have been really enjoying it over Notion, which is what I was using previously.

Desk Setup


Cameras and Lighting

Other Gear

Last Updated

May 19, 2021